Kibirizi selling point is strategically located where all buyers and women farmers can easily access. It is found 10m from Huye-Gisagara new tamac, it is also 400m from Duwane wetland where you can find fresh vegetables as the place reserved by Gisagara District in partnership with ActionAid and Duhozanye for vegetables Farmer Field School, at nearest the wetland there is Gisagara Banana Processing Industry (GABI) where you can find naturel banana beer and juice. this selling point is clearly at location favoured by the users. Apart from providing a healthier overall market environment the improvements of hygiene reduce the danger of food contamination because the modern cold room installed in Kibiri SP serves to ensure the healthy vegetables and fruits. Most Welcome at Kibirizi Selling Point

Kibirizi Selling point product

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Available in Stock: 1000pce
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